The company, BonAyse Ltd, was incorporated in 1999 to commercialise products and services for analysing the computed tomography images on PC. Development of the BonAlyse software began in 1995 and today its medical software Geanie 2.1 is used to analyse bone and soft tissue from cross-sectional images obtained from various QCT systems. QCT devices are widely used in clinical routines to distinguish bone growth and mineralization deficiencies. Geanie uses QCT images to analyse them furthermore, for example with is patented algorithms.


Typically the amount of images transferred to Geanie varies from ten to thousand and one to five images are taken from the same person. At the moment Geanie can only use information from the images brought to database manually one by one, thus importing images to Geanie is a very slow process. To speed up this process users need an importing tool which will automatize transferring information from QCT device's software to Geanie, allowing QCT images, parameters and patient information to be transferred without having to input anything manually except fill the possible missing database information needed for Geanie.